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I See the Beauty in Being Buried; I Am Empowered in My Resting Season...

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Photography by: Steph Terell

“Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work…” - Ralph Marston

Florals are one of my favorite self-care treats. They are so beautiful to see as they bloom and show out to be the most pretty thing in the room. I especially love the look of flowers as they come to the close of serving their purpose. I love watching the colors change and the petals shifting from smooth and soft to delicate and fragile. I love the different hues they turn as they transition into their next season, beautiful even in their imperfection. I appreciate what comes with seasons’ changes similarly to how I see my own qualities that others may see as insecurities. Even through the imperfections, it is a beautiful journey as I blossom in every season. If it’s meant for me, it will be for me, all at the perfect time I am supposed to receive it…

& This time of rest has been well needed...phew !

Everything has its season. Sometimes you love your job and then you may realize that your “bomb” salary isn’t serving the same as it used to. Sometimes the partner who fit your 20’s cannot come with you to your 30’s. That “I’ve got time” mindset eventually is met with urgency. Things that will not have time for you to remain stagnant are approaching and it will be your time to make the move. When it is time for something to shift, it is going to shift whether you like it or not. And the moment you feel those petals begin to wilt, your new season has arrived...

When I’m challenged most in believing myself, I have to keep at the forefront that everything is in its time. I do not have to be in agreement for that time’s arrival, however, I have to accept it. There have been so many times I’ve known in my heart it was time to move, and whether my own fear or my own self-doubt that I could truly accomplish my goal crept up, I knew that pressure was indication that it was time. It is a beautiful yet sometimes painful and frustrating reminder that I am Divinely covered. This new season is not the same as the last, nor is it the same as it was in previous seasons that appeared similar. The life lessons adorned have been so impactful that how could any season be similar to anything I’ve experienced previously? The feels are different. The responses are different. I’m different. & I’ve done the work while in the shadows to ensure that in my next period when I’m underground that when it’s my time to pop out, I’ll see the fruit of my labor.

Dormancy periods are normal in the growth phase. But they are simply moments, not lifestyles. You already know that you are a precious creation, and should be free to flourish in everything you are called toward. Do not fear the new season, it’s never as scary as it looks once you step into it. There is a responsibility in accepting that the least is not for you. And that you will be pushed out of that lack once you are deemed ready. Once you have reconciled with the notion that you are, in fact, deserving. And that comes with speaking life into your existence. Speaking greatness over your endeavors. How can you receive abundance if you’re stuck wallowing in self pity of your current situation? You deserve more. Believe it is for you and go out there and get it.

Open up; your mind, your options, your beliefs, and understand that even in your moments of silence and reflection, there is growth in that. If you are not doing the work, it will not happen for you. Every great in history has faced adversities, many of which internal. You are more than capable of blooming despite the hardships.

Tell yourself you are it everyday.

Tell yourself you are worthy everyday.

Tell yourself you are covered everyday.

Tell yourself you are capable everyday.

Tell yourself you are beautiful everyday.

The more you reinforce those thoughts in your mind, the more familiar they will be. And the easier it will be to cast out the self doubt that comes from discomfort. Usually that fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone is misplaced with the negative; understand that when you feel that fear of “I can’t do this”, that it truly is excitement to say “I’m about to kill this”. Once you can silence that voice in the back of your mind telling you “you aren’t”, “you can’t”, “you won’t”, “you don’t”, you will find the power of self to say “but I am", "I can", "I will", and "I do!”. It will take repetition and practice to get it to second nature, but when you get there, you will be so surprised at how unfazed you are by inconveniences. You have the victory within you, and the only means necessary is to trust in that.

They say “no one is coming to save you”, however, YOU can still save YOU.


You’re planted. Now what?

Being “buried” may look different from one person to another, or one season to another. Perhaps it’s staying in instead of going out with the girls for brunch. It could be taking a month to further connect to the Father and cutting off certain vices. Being buried could mean only working on your job and declining any extracurricular activities. Isolation can be necessary, if you do not allow the time to heal from the damage caused, the same (or worse) issues will arise thriving in the next season. Kill it at the root. Completely reevaluate and adjust accordingly. Otherwise it will be planted within the same soil with the fruit you’ve intentionally planted. It will contaminate the soil, and either produce tainted fruit, or keep the seed from sprouting at all. Allow yourself to do the inner work to nourish yourself, as well as the outer work of updating your environment to reflect where you are aiming to be. Removal of obstructions and distractions is necessary. It is your duty to ensure that your time is utilized in cultivating. This is the time to continue to build, study, plan, strategize and tend to yourself for an impactful season to come.

There is a reason why the Fall harvest is a big deal. All the work done in the earlier portions of the year have allowed for an abundant reaping. The effort put forth in planting, plotting, laying down fertilizer, all of the things culminate to a healthy and thriving garden. Where are you planting, how are you watering yourself, how is your soil? If you can only emit what you are full of, what is being produced?

I have to keep going. Without my efforts to maintain an environment that encourages growth, the dormancy will be in vain. I’m impressed with the woman I was 2 years, 3 years, 10 years ago, imagine who I’ll look back to in a year from now? A decade from now? I know my own potential, I won’t disappoint her in seeing that I chose to remain stagnant and in the shadows during a period of rest. I’m growing. I’m thriving. I’m good.

As are you...

Speak freely, Beauty…


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