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I am Allowed to Speak Boldly and Softly: 5 Black-Owned Nude Lipstick Combos to Leave Them Speechless

"Tone is often the most important part of a conversation - and listening is so much more important than what you say...” - Hoda Kotb

Girl…they’re trying to get us back into the office… I’m not ready…

But also…

Guess who glowed up this quarantine?

As much as I’m enjoying my time in the house, I am excited to be able to show off again. I don’t know the last time I got to give off a Boss Lady Lewk in the office, and as my debut into a new position, and as a new employee at my dream company, in my dream role that I prayed for, fasted for, and now I actually know my responsibilities, I’m ready to dive into this blessing. It’s a new chapter loading. Now that I’ve found thee perfect edge control, and have been shopping all of the drops (did you catch @signedblake’s x @amazon Drop this week? *eyes*), I’m ready to act up.

When I get back outside from quarantine I need my makeup to be bomb, in execution, and in Black owned makeup brands. I’ve always been in the pursuit of replacing as many things with Black owned products as possible, and as much as my love for a good lipstick was, I knew this was going to be a huge undertaking. l had already found thee PERFECT red thanks to Black owned brand The Lip Bar (I’ll have to do a separate post to brag on them), but I never knew of alllllll the Black owned cosmetics brands that were available. 2020 taught me to do my research and go for what I want, and when I tell you I had the time, sis, I had the TIME! Two years ago I ran out of foundation and instead of purchasing my go-to, by using their shade finder tools, I purchased two foundations by Black owned Beauty providers, Beauty Bakerie and Juvia’s Place. I haven’t gone back since. I love both, and BB always looks like skinnn, but lately JP has been stealing the show with being full coverage and only requiring a small amount. Both are worth every penny, and the effort of trying for yourself.

If you know me, you know a good lip is my vice. It is the easiest way to change your entire look quickly, and at a low cost. And simple to make a number of looks with little options available. I stan. Although Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when I was in the house with no need to put on a face, put on real clothes, a good shoe, nothing, in the first few months I honestly forgot what I looked like.

As we approach the new spring season (and #piscesseason), I’m feeling a shift. This time of year as I approach my birthday always makes me feel like this is my real new year. It’s a big moment for me, and as I transition into my next season, I want to be proud of the woman I left in the last. I want to be the woman who is comfortable and confident enough to use my voice in a room of plenty who would otherwise choose not to hear it. My thoughts are valid, and I’m going to use my voice to fulfill my Kingdom purpose.

I am allowed to be bold and soft at the same time...

I’ve been SHOPPING, okay ! And found my fav nudes have been from these incredible, Black Owned Makeup Brands. Speak Freely with these five B.O.M.B. nude lipstick combos all year round.

This multifaceted combo did it for me for real.

There are a lot of variations, but each one is one to see. I started with the natural, warm brown liner Straight Up, and topped it with the beautiful, dark, warm brown Savage to get the baddest of matte brown lips.

I added to the center Man Eater, which has this matte, muted, warm, light mauve-y tone that gives me sexy glam.

& Of course I couldn’t resist getting a glossy mauve lip titled Bourgeois ! And to see it looks as good as it sounds, baybeeeeee ! Topping this matte Beauty with Bourgeois makes it a sexy, glossy, spring pinky, mauve-y nude. The liner is insanely creamy and pigmented. The versatilityyy. It is perfect for any time of year, any social occasion, and unique enough to call all the attention in a room. This combo everything, no hesitation, get this.


This deep, chocolate brown liner in the shade Night is gore, and a dupe for MAC’s Chestnut. I looove the medium brown tone of this Send Nudes gloss, and considering that it matches perfectly with my Steve Madden brown boots, purse, and my Ivy Park bomber jacket and plu leather pants, or my Elevyn Thirty brown latex dress, I’m screaming. She is a pretty, natural, medium, warm brown and has buildable coverage. It is literal perfection, and to have this available when we get back outside, it’s game time. This is that “all eyes on me” energy type of lip. I feel so bomb in this. The natural warm tones are giving me all the Nia Long feels. She’s a stunner.


I feel like Muva Trina when I wear this. I belong in B.A.P.S. when I wear this lip and I am that girl to wear it. The cool-toned, deep, dark brown liner that is Kola is suchhh a stunnerrr. This is a perfect dupe for MAC’s Cork. & Paired with the peachy tones of Mademoiselle, ugh, it does a thing that cools down the warm tones and that meeting of the minds in this perfect light mocha creamy nude is epic. Eyeeeee love this lip, I have even put JP’s It’s Electric gold gloss top coat on this and felt like the room was mine by command. It’s a bold, loud, soft, cool-toned nude, almost like a cream, but it is so captivating. It strokes my ego big time, and I know anyone wants to hear what I have to say when they see me in this. & The gloss or mattes LAST! They are so durable. Even after eating I still will have a lip to show off without the need to immediately reapply. They know what they’re doing with quality here. That’s the Black excellence we love to see.

I’m honestly obsessed. Hands down my fave combo. The cool-toned, medium brown in this Chocolate Therapy liner is perfect for any time of day Baddie vibes. Then paired with this warm, peachy gloss that is Snickerdoodle, and is almost exactly the color of my own lip is the way to make me feel like a natural Beauty. This is a go-to, guaranteed win. Whether for personal wear or professional wear, I have been wearing this combo religiously for probably a year straight (until my new fave came about, I’ll share next issue). I’ve ran through both the bottle and the liner of this after many months of wearing daily, and repurchased immediately. I felt GORG ! It truly is the perfect blend of a cool-toned brown with a warm, bright, inviting peach. I have worn this in my biggest work meetings and it’s been one to get them talking. To know I can leave such a mark with a Black owned lip is everything, and to continue to impress with my work ethic as well as my makeup is even more comforting. I keep a VP in my DM’s. I’m meant to be here and I am looking and working the part. This combo is the one.

All of these brands have nudes worth talking about, but their formulas and their durability, versatility and the potential for allowing me to feel like a full, new, complete woman is what I aim for. I’m elated.

Speaking of leaving your mark at the table, next time you’re hosting an intimate dinner, try some of my Table Talk Conversation Starters, I’ve already got some of the live discussions on topics such as “Being Comfortable in My Solitude” and “Be Free to Fail with Faith in Your Father; It’s Your Grace Period” available to watch on my Insta in my Video’s Series Playlist “Table Talks”.

I’m unlocking that throat chakra…

I’m speaking my life into existence…

I’m declaring everything that I said I was coming for is mine…

Because even the muted of lips can make a lasting impression…

Speak boldly, Beauty, they need to hear you…

Also: If you’re looking for a clear mask so that you can still be safe and also show off, I got you.

Don't forget to take care of your skin! I'm using the best makeup remover wipes in addition to my skincare routine. We'll have to share later. <3

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