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Bourgeois Birthdays: Adenike's Pink and Gold Birthday Party by Bourgeois Living Hosting Services

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

See how we took three weeks worth of timing to plan Adenike's perfect pink and gold floral birthday dinner and dessert table.

Birthdays are so important. They give reason for all of your loved ones and people who care about you to celebrate you and give you your flowers. As someone who's birthday fell two days directly after the lockdown was put in place (3/18/2020), and being unable to celebrate my last year in my 20's properly, it makes me want to celebrate my loved ones in the biggest ways that much more.

My client Adenike wanted to celebrate her birthday especially special this year, and despite the day being only weeks away, we were able to very quickly get her dream birthday dinner planned, prepared, and executed.

We first began with a consultation. She provided me with ideas ahead of time using my event questionnaire, and we scheduled a 30 minute review of ideas and potential features. During our Zoom call, I displayed items currently in inventory that I felt would fit her theme, and walked her through multiple potential uses for them depending on her vision. She let me know what items she definitely wanted to include, and our next step was to consolidate those ideas with available decor and plating.

Nike wanted a semi-formal dining table setting, full dessert table, and an area for photos. We discussed her favorite flavors and specific themes that she wanted to carry throughout, and we used her Pinterest reference photos to curate the ideal look. From there, I went to work, curating two mock table scape settings as well as a dessert table with full menu including cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and creme brûlée spoons for her review. She had her dinner menu curated separately to feature food from her family, and we discussed how she preferred to display these dishes as well.

The mockup tablescapes were created using Bourgeois Living inventory, included with defined plans of action and dessert designs consolidated for client review. A tentative invoice was included to ensure that the costs discussed would not exceed her budget, and her proposal was sent in full.

Option 1

Napkin on plate, flatware on table

Option 2

Flatware on plate, napkin on table

By providing options, she was able to see how different place settings could create a different look altogether for the event.

Scroll for more mock tablescapes and dessert table designs

She loved them, chose her preferred dinner table design, with the only update being that rather than using glassware, she requested all plastic plating, glassware (wine and water glasses), and flatware. I searched, I found, and sent confirmation prior to ordering the supplies to ensure that her vision could come to fruition. She immediately confirmed, fulfilled her 50% deposit, and we were booked!

With her booking, her package included custom invitation, printed menus for the dessert table as well as the dinner options. She was unsure if the dinner menu would change, so we opted for individual food place cards in the event that some items were unable to make the event, and provided blanks in case additional were added. We printed the full dessert menu with the sweets confirmed, and we were good to go!

Event Invitation

Dinner Menu Placecards

The event day came, it was pouring rain, but we persevered. It was a lovely event with all colors telling the exact story she envisioned. We went with a rustic, white charger, topped with gold glitter dinner plates similar to those in the mock design, topped with white with gold rimmed dinner plates, and all gold plastic flatware. We included fresh roses for the plates in addition to cloth-like napkins, and the table scape included a white tablecloth, pink, textured table runner, pink and mauve faux florals, and pink and gold chocolates to match the color story. We included lit white candles, and clear vases with gold coasters for an additional majestic pop.

Tables and chairs were rented from Sitting Pretty Rentals.

The gold, white and pink balloons worked perfectly with the pink florals for the balloon garland. This was done for the photo section as well as to envelop the dessert table, and additional balloons were placed in areas including a skybox window as well as throughout the venue.

The dessert table was the star of the show.

All fitting theme, we included:

Creme Brûlée Spoons

Courtesy of Bourgeois Living (Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia, PA)

Tiered Exposed Cake


Floral Cupcakes

(Red Velvet)

Courtesy of HB Cuppy Cakes (Philadelphia, PA)


(Coconut & Chocolate Ganache, Coffee Buttercream, and Salted Caramel)

Courtesy of Aurora Grace Baking Co. (Philadelphia, PA)


Godiva Truffles

(Strawberry Cheesecake)

Lindt Lindor Truffles

(Fudge Swirl Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate)

We featured the same chocolates on the dining tables in case the guests wanted a little something sweet after dinner.

We similarly used gold and white themed plating, but opted for glass to keep the luxury. We added candles and faux florals, and guests were ready to enjoy!

Thank you, Adenike for trusting Bourgeois Living with your memory. This was such a special day celebrating you, and I am so thankful that we could make your vision a reality and exceed your expectations.

If interested in utilizing Bourgeois Living Hosting Services, or if interested in renting any of the items featured during this event or others featured in the magazine, please feel free to book your complimentary 30 minute consultation here. We would be happy to host!

Thankfully Yours,

Alexis P. Jordan

Bourgeois Living Magazine & Hosting Services

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