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Rosé Tasting - Three Rosé Wines and Three Sweets to Pair With for the Perfect Girls' Night In

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

“True friendship is like a rose, we don’t realize it’s beauty until it fades...” - Evelyn Loeb

I meant it when I said in my Rosé & Rose Goals intro article “I enjoy the people that I allow in my life”. One goal I’m working to rise into is spending time on more people and things to bring me happiness. I mentioned upon the original release of Bourgeois Living Magazine that I love hosting, but I’ve gotten away from it; it was great to finally spend time hosting some of my favorite people.

These ladies (and one of our guy friends) have been there through it all, and have seen my entire evolution into my brand and the woman I am today. So when they wanted to get together for an impromptu wine night in, I knew exactly what to do.

This simple yet Bourgeois Wine Tasting was just the right thing for a girls’ night in. & With rosé season upon us, what better way to spend time with them than with three Bourgeois Bottles of rosé. We paired our three rosés, two still and one sparkling, with a bomb playlist of Jhene Aiko, Ari Lennox, and SZA, as well as the ultimate trio of sweets;

Macaroons : Surprisingly this was my first time trying macaroons, and I cannot believe it’s taken me this long! The textures reminded me of the lightest of shortbread cookies.

We had two types, both almond merengue. The darker, maroon colored macaroons had a passion fruit flavored filling, and truthfully reminded me of the Fruity Pebbles cereal. The lighter pink colored were rosé champagne flavored, and one girlfriend said this is the equivalent of the White Barn candle “Champagne Toast” in a cookie form and I couldn’t agree more. These were subtle in flavor, and had a mellow sweetness that reminded me of actual roses.

Dark Chocolate : As you know I’m always a fan of Ghirardelli chocolate squares, but the dark chocolate with the raspberry filling is on another level. The mix of dark chocolate and tart raspberries paired perfectly with each other , and were definitely an amazing pair with both our sweeter and our more dry rosés.

Fruit : Strawberries are always a win with rosé, it’s the perfect amount of sweet and tart; often you can taste the hints of strawberry and notes of other tart fruits while enjoying. They are a staple and always a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Our three rosé choices were the main event here. After carefully planning and obtaining recommendations from our fave sommeliers at Total Wine, I was able to find these perfect Bourgeois Bottles.

Olema - Similar to a reisling, this dry, still rosé paired perfectly for the flavorful passion fruit macaroons. Upon first tasting I thought this was too “mature” for my pallet as it was incredibly tart to the taste, but then we let it breathe for a few minutes and it was so mellow and smoooooth omg, definitely a fave! We paired this with the dark chocolate and the strawberries and fell in love.

The Villa Conchi was almost like a sweet spritzer; for it to be a sparkling brut rosé, it was surprisingly light and smooth, and was perfect with everything! Both macaroons, the rosé champagne and the passion fruit had their own ways of pairing well with the bubbly. The strawberries are a fave any time I do sparkling, but pairing this with both the raspberry filled dark chocolate and the strawberries is going on the menu for Valentine’s day, this was so good. Sparkling anything is always my go-to, and this is coming highly recommended o m g.

The Gris de Gris was a dry, still rosé, not as dry as the Olema but not too sweet. This wine paired perfectly with dark chocolate, like jaw dropping phenomenal, absolutely well with both dark chocolate and the strawberry. One of my girlfriends called it refreshing. This was crisp but not too much, and would be a great choice for a pro or a novice. This was the perfect, crowd pleaser, summertime rosé.

Good wine with great company is always going to be my favorite pairing, but I am also pairing my steps with my purpose. My goal was to make more time for those I love and the things I enjoy, I am overjoyed that those two goals can be accomplished together. Not only am I enjoying the pour pairings, but I am doing pouring for those who have always poured into me. I am flourishing into the woman I am destined to become, and I am so fortunate to have an incredible support system in my blooming season.

What are you pairing during your blooming season? Head to my Insta @alexispjordan and let me know in the comments!


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