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Fire Starter - 4 Things to Burn When You’re Feeling Burnt Out !

There is something about fire that brings peace to any situation. Whether it be sitting by the fireplace, roasting marshmallows at a bonfire, or even just a candle lit dinner, there is something so calming about an open flame.

Next time you’re beginning to feel burnt out, host yourself by burning something from our list of recommendations below!

1. Candles - Candles are always a win, and can be a reasonably priced method for relaxation. Some of my favorites are from Bath & Body Works’ White Barn which can cost about $13 (on sale chile) for the larger three wicked candles, or even a department store like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. But even just a basic tea light (I get mine in a pack of 100 for $3 at Ikea) or pillar can set the mood for rest and relaxation! I got the three below from Walmart for about $8 in total, and they last forever!

2. Herbs - We often talk about burning sage, but there are other herbs and plants that can be great for cleansing the atmosphere. Frankincense, lavender, sweet grass, cedar wood, myrrh are all amazing options with benefits to burning, paired with some alone time, prayer, meditation, etc. all can be great for clearing your mind and being intentional.

3. Food - Not literally burn, but possibly! Food is the way to the heart, and everyone has that one meal that they go to for their “happy place”. It could be time to get that comfort food, or to try something new. Pinterest has so many recipes from bloggers and creators that are always in the plan to try “one day”, why not make effort to test that recipe today? If you’re looking for more of the literal sense, see our posts on the Bourgeois Bonfire, or stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on the S’Mores Cupcakes! 👀

4. Energy - Burn some energy! Resting is important but so is staying on the move! Keep yourself busy with things you enjoy, things to keep you motivated and in shape, things to make you feel empowered! I have never felt more motivated when I had to make time for the things that needed to get done, rather than saying “Oh I’ll get to that tomorrow” or “That can wait until next week”. Start that business, begin that exercise and diet plan, set up that meeting, organize that trunk; manifest and clear the air of those things that are clouding your vision! Get some things scheduled on your calendar, lay out your to-do lists, and make those things a priority!

I personally enjoy these items when I’m due for a pick-me-up, and spending my time productively and with things I love helps to calm me down when I feel like I’m fighting with fire.

What do you do to #treatyoself when you’re feeling burnt out? Head to my Instagram @alexispjordan and let me know in the comments!

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