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Bourgeois Brunch: Burnout Edition - Smokin' Betty's Restaurant Review

Bourgeois Foodie Restaurant Review, Bourgeois and Brunching!

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm...” - Women On Topp


As the weekend approaches, the only two things on my mind are:





I had the pleasure of going to Smokin’ Betty’s for Sunday brunch and indulging in some boujie foodie activities, I am a HUGE fan of new, and I rarely go to the same restaurant twice, so I thought why not share my experiences so that you could brunch in a new place too?

Smokin' Betty's is a cozy restaurant in Philadelphia where they focus on comfort food and bbq. This was an adorable spot, it had an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, great drinks, eclectic menu, and tasty food. I was able to enjoy my brunch (and a few bites from my partner’s lol!) and thought the experience was definitely worth a share!

Food Review:

Smoked Salmon & Sweet Potato Hash

This was super yummy! The egg was runny and the saltiness of the smoked salmon paired perfectly with the light sweetness of the pan-seared sweet potatoes. There were caramelized onions that provided more of that savory-sweet balance and all parts worked harmoniously in this dish, this was definitely a win!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo chicken for brunch? A big YES! This genuinely surprised me! The buffalo sauce was more creamy than I was used to, and was a great twist on a regular buffalo sauce. The bleu cheese. was perfectly balanced, and the chicken was cooked perfectly, a little crispy but still juicy and tender! This was definitely a win for brunch, lunch, or otherwise!

Drink Review:

The Fuzzy Mimosa

A fuzzy navel and a mimosa had a beautiful baby,! I'm a huge fan of mimosas but to add peach to the mix is. literal perfection. This was such a smooth twist on two classics; it was something so simple yet so satisfying!

The Seasonal Sangria

This made me feel warm inside, omg! This was super tasty, it reminded me almost of an apple-cinnamon sorrel! It was so full of flavor and still so juicy with a hint of spice. I am definitely a fan and could have this all year round!

Interior Review:

The space was very industrial but open and flowing, with a lot of wood and steel finishes to accent. Even the pendant lights stuck to the theme and added a rustic feel to the environment. One of my favorite features was their chalkboard menu listing the specials that would change every day.

Final Review:

If you’re looking for somewhere for a good bite and a good drink, we would absolutely recommend for a visit! The food was great (I still cannot get over that fuzzy mimosa), and there were more options I would have loved to try on both their brunch and dinner menus.

I’m usually more of a bourgeois #brunchnista that enjoys savory dishes, so if smoked salmon is on the menu I’m most likely getting that, and of course any kind of ecclectic spin to a mimosa ! What are your go-to brunch choices? Head over to my insta and let me know in the comments!


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