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Find Yours - Happy Place, KOP Pop Up Exhibit

How one pop up exhibit is encouraging us all to find our #happyplace.

“It gets better: there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It may take one day, it may take ten years. But one day, you will find happiness if you manifest it. Put that energy out, and it'll come back...” - Nicholas Diego Leanos , Lil’ Xan

It may get dark earlier with daylight savings but there is definitely light in this season. This light is not only at the end of the tunnel; I am feeling optimistic in this season as I continue to manifest and achieve my rose goals, and I can feel it shining through the darkness and out of me. Happiness is always the goal, and I’m taking matters very seriously in manifesting happiness in my life.

Whether you’re dealing with the effects of a retrograde, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or if the holiday season is traditionally a rough time for you, it’s always worth putting forth the effort to pick yourself up with something that genuinely brings you happiness. Happy Place KOP could not have come at a better time, and I’m overjoyed that it’s here throughout the holiday season through January 2020. This 12 room pop-up exhibit located at the King of Prussia mall in PA is bursting with color; This eclectic, interactive fun house is an Instagram lover’s dream as each room is uniquely designed and completely different from the next, from the pink and yellow gum-ball walls with a full slide indoors, to the rainbow with an oversized pot of gold ball pit to serve as your adult Chuck-E-Cheese, with snacks to enjoy throughout your time in the different rooms, it is FUN.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flower room the moment we walked in, which was an indoor explosion of (faux) yellow dandelions which contrasted perfectly against the black brick backdrop. With moving out of my blooming season and into my #manifestfall, what better of a transition? The intention in this room was so spot on, where there were crystals hanging with the wallflowers and lights in the perfect places throughout to catch every angle you needed to do it for the gram one last time before they take the likes away.

The wall of rubber duckies with a yellow clawfoot tub front and center definitely had me feeling like I was thee one in my color-coordinated orange sweater, and was another highlight for my trip. Floor to ceiling walls full of yellow ducks with the hint of orange from their beaks all perfectly aligned was so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And the bath tub full not of bubbles but yellow balls for a personal ball pit (although you could make room for two), this was a mentally satisfying version of self care. Of course I couldn’t leave this room without giving my best cliche’ duck lip.

I went with three of my favorite, bourgeois blogger friends who always bring about a light in my life, and every time we get together it’s our own personal happy place.


Olivia of In Pursuit of Coffee took full advantage of a room that was practically made for her in Winky’s Diner: an old school cafe set up equipped with a jukebox with blue walls, yellow booths, a bar counter with stools, and the signature black and white checkered floor tile. She had the perfect set up to bring a face to the name and introduce herself as she sets off in pursuits of all the incredible edible and purposeful things in life, and what better way, “because everything can be discussed over a cup of coffee”.


Destiny of Dose of Des was bringing light to this black room even with the stereo lights from floor to ceiling with pink carpet, and bringing light to loving love, loving God, and loving to have fun! She speaks on the Word relating to relationships with yourself as well as with others, and in and out of your singleness, as well as discusses spirituality; she drops a ton of gems that I truly believe would be beneficial to anyone in any part of their journey.


Christian of the Surrendered Life. She teaches way more than just the Sesame Street alphabet outside of this cookie explosion room, paired with a complimentary chocolate chip during our visit, and ministers an incredible word whether through her many Surrendered Life meetups (which have all been insanely impactful), through her book “Surrendered: It‘s About Time You Let God Lead”, or through her inspiring posts on her blog and her own personal Instagram. She keeps more than a cookie jar full of insight in her Surrendered Life ministry teaching women to access the favor and freedom of God that comes when you surrender.

All of the rooms we utilized were amazing but there is something for everyone here, including a remix of a kissing booth where a room full of hearts and red lipstick kisses is perfect for the flirty singles or loving couples, and if you’re a fan of streamers they’ve got more of a casual, rubber multi colored room and a more celebratory, flashy, foiled multicolored room as well, equipped with confetti that fits to celebrate the small wins or the big goals being checked off your list. We of course finished off our visit with a confetti dome that was an indoor globe full of confetti and a button to press that would blow air from the bottom to get the confetti flowing throughout, oh it was magical.

Ticket prices are $30 for adults, $20 for kids age 4-12, free for the baby-babies, and with a student discount the Happy Place offer tickets for $25 with a student ID, plus fees. I found the followinggggg discount code THANKFUL if you book through the end of November you can use for 20% off too so you don’t have to ball too hard to get in the ball pit. They even have a Groupon where ticket prices are slashed to $22.50. They estimate that it will take an hour to get through the exhibit, but we were encouraged by staff to take full advantage and enjoy our time, many of which ready to take our pictures on our behalf (Nadja, you were the real MVP for the slow mo hack in the confetti dome and for bringing our Tellytubby / Black Girl Magic Wiggles dreams to life). Their staff of course is awesome, but if you’re in need of more of a professional they even welcome high resolution cameras, just no high res. video.

Not only limited to their love for happiness, Happy Place gives back to the community as well through their lemonade stand where they’re donating the proceeds to local charities in the Philadelphia area while the pop up is in town. Happy Place will be in town through January 2, 2020 before they spread their happiness to the next city. After two years of popups in multiple different cities including Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, and now King of Prussia, I hope this is a trend to continue to spread for many more happy years to come.

Whether you’re searching for something to get out of a creative rut, or for something new and exciting to try, Happy Place is coming highly recommended. It is an interactive form of self care, and is sure to provide quite the happy experience. If you do visit, tag me in your favorite photos from your time, I’d be happy to relive the experience vicariously through all of you :D

Happy Manifesting! 🌷🍁


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