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Rose' & Rose Goals #2020Vision Checklist (Download)

In goal setting, often the most difficult thing to do is start. I've began to map out my top six goals that I plan to accomplish in this next decade, and came up with the following:

We're already at the end of the second month, and I've begun implementing these goals into as many of my daily and weekly interactions as possible. Keeping prayer as my first line of defense is always going to be my number one goal, and I can always tell when something is off in my spirit and I need to spend more time connecting with Him. My friends and my family mean the entire world to me, and as much as I enjoy new experiences, when I can do so with my loved ones it is truly the best feeling on earth !

I'm also being much more intentional in where I spend my money, particularly my recurring funds. I find that things like my nails, my morning drink and snacks, and even my food outings during the week usually are expenses that I never mind putting out the money on, but if I can support more minority owned, black owned, women owned businesses, I'm doing my part to keep my dollar as diverse as possible. Rather than going to my local Wawa or ACME, if I can purchase from my minority owned convenience store down the street, they're the first to get my business. I found a few black owned nail salons in my state and in my neighboring state that I would have no trouble getting to, and a ton of black owned restaurants that serve coffee, fresh pressed juices, and all the other goodies I'm looking for to satisfy my morning sweet tooth. I've even developed a pact with some friends that we will continue our once a month/quarterly dinners/brunch, and we will try one new black owned restaurant each time we go.

While all of these things are works in progress, the important thing is to determine what you want to accomplish with your time, and to start!

Map out your starting half dozen with this Rose' & Rose Goals #2020Vision Checklist Download.

Share to your social media and be sure to tag me @alexispjordan and @bourgeoislivingmagazine when you do, I'd love to see you win in the best year to come!

Happy Manifesting! 🌷🍁

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