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Bourgeois Bottles - Three Wines to try When You’re Feeling Burnt Out (Or Anytime Really)

One thing I don’t have to be #burntout to enjoy is a good wine. We tried three #bourgeoisbottles in the theme of #burnout and were very pleased with the results!

Photography by Debonair Visuals

As a fan of new experiences, I want to continue to expand my pallet in food and wine. There is just too many options out there to stick with one wine and one wine only for the rest of my wine drinking life. I picked up these three Bourgeois bottles and thought they’d be perfect for a date night in, wine tasting for two.

We picked up a pinot noir, a riesling, and a cabernet savignon.

Fire Road Pinot Noir - This was one of the lightest pinots I’ve ever had. It was smooth with a hint of oak, but the hints of cherry in a pinot are always my fave!

Firestone Riesling - This was definitely a keeper! It was dry so if you usually shy away from the sweeter reislings then this is for you! The taste was crisp but not too aggressive, and definitely had me feeling classy (pinkies up)!

Borne of Fire Cabernet Savignon - This was dry, but delicious and robust. If you’re into dry reds, this was absolutely a grown and sexy wine for a more mature pallet.

I personally enjoy reds over white (unless we’re talking sparkling 💁🏾‍♀️), but I’m not turning down any good wine paired with good food and great company. ☺️ What’s your go-to wine when you’re tapping into your inner wine connoisseur? Head to the post on our Instagram and let us know!

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