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Bourgeois Bar Hopping - Three Pink Instagram Ready Restaurants to Enjoy Rosé This Season

The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms...” -

Angelus Silesius

In this journey to complete womanhood, we’re speaking all great things into existence as we accomplish our rose goals.

Impactful Promotions

Successful Business Ventures

Increased Commitment to Self Care & Self Worth

We are blossoming into everything we want to be, to receive, to accomplish; Whatever you focus on is what you will flourish in. And in that dedication and effort, you may not want to celebrate before the paperwork is signed, but we deserve to be celebrated and treat our selves to a glass of rosé to kick off the weekend (or whenever really)!

I went to three pink, Instagram-ready restaurants in Philadelphia where I had my own curated rosé tour. Each spot was amazing in their own way, whether the decor, the food, the dranks, or all of thee above, and I wanted to share my experience bourgeois bar hopping so that you could get your #drinkpink on too.


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The aesthetic here at Blume alone is literally the epitome of rose decor goals. There are flowers everywhere, and paired with an electric Tiffany’s blue with pink is just, everything. The outdoor entrance is bright, and anything but plain, with the exceptional and impossible-to-miss butterfly wall (this place was clearly designed for Instagram), where my girlfriend and I totally took full advantage to get as many photos as the very accommodating patrons would be willing to take. Blume had a pretty atmosphere as well as a pretty diverse menu of small plates, wine and eclectic cocktails. I stuck with a dry rosé, which is usually my go-to aside from sparkling, while my girlfriend got the Femme Fatale cocktail made with tequila, blood orange, hibiscus tea and lime (delicious!), very different from any other cocktail I’ve had, and they did not hold back on the tequila!


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Libertine was an a-dor-a-ble restaurant! Attached to the Fairfield Inn, this little gem was decorated with pink chairs and pink polka-dotted booths, with huge windows to see the neighborhood. We both had the Jerry Garcia cocktail; Not only was this thee perfect drink for any time of the year, but it was smooth, sweet, and packed a punch, chile (Sarah Jakes-Roberts voice)! The sparkling rosé paired with the brandy and the hibiscus and mango sorbet was incredible; There was one ingredient that had me feeling NICE! The food was phenomenal too; I literally cannot stop thinking about the reuben sliders, I usually love a reuben but oh my goodness, these were unlike anything I’ve ever had! The short rib pastrami with the swiss cheese on the marbled rye, ugh a foodie’s dream! The broiled caesar salad was bomb too, it had so much flavor and the anchovies paired with the marinated tomatoes literally were the perfect topping. I have been feigning to make it back here just for the salad alone, but the sliders, the cocktail, the atmosphere, all a win.


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Valanni was really the perfect way to end the night. This little spot is so fitting for the full day, whether an early start for brunch or an after-date night cap. The white leather couches paired with the pink and purple lights made it look like more of a night club; I’ve been here during the day for (an amazing!) brunch once, but their dinner and late/night menu was just as impressive. The cocktails alone are all creative and potent; it could be a mix of the liquors in my drink or from sipping rosé cocktails all day but by the time I got to Valanni I was feeling fantastic. I ordered the Bae Berry and requested that they use rosé for the sparkling wine, and I’m glad I did! The mint with the berries paired with the sweet, citrus notes from the rosé set it off! My girlfriend got the crispy pancetta and lump crab mac and cheese, and we loved it. Whether you go as an early bird or a night owl, Valanni is always recommended by this boujie foodie.

Which place from our bourgeois bar hopping rose’ tour caught your eye? Were there any pink, rose, Instagrammable spots that we missed in our adventure for rose’ in Philadelphia? Head over to my Insta @alexispjordan and let me know in the comments!

Happy blooming! 🌷

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