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#2020Vision: Manifesting Your Goals in the Perfect 2020 Vision Board Party

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

“Write the vision and make it plain...” - Habakkuk 2:2

Ever since I was a child, I was told to “never share your dreams”, and I took it very seriously. I always thought it was taboo to speak on something so near and dear to your heart and risk being unable to attain it because of jinxing your chances or someone else stealing your great idea. I used to imagine that when you spoke about your aspirations it was almost like breaking a contract, saying I needed outside confirmation of the gifts and ideas God gave me, and if I spoke on it, it would all be stripped away and I’d lose out on my blessing. Admittedly, it took me almost 30 years to realize that this mindset is silly; Of course it is appropriate to share goals with people, but to do so intentionally, and share with those who can support you in executing your vision.

When you have people in your life who want nothing but the best for you and to see you succeed, it is the most heart-warming feeling. To be supported by loved ones is something I will not take for granted and in sharing my visions, and it is still a very intimate act for me. I want to be in full support of my loved ones; I felt that while I see public vision board parties as a trend, I love the idea! I personally am still uncomfortable getting my intimate ideas out in a room full of strangers, but why not visualize my goals in physical form and include my accountability partners in the process? Why not encourage my girls the same way they encourage me?

As we work on our #rosegoals, of course we want to manifest all of the things we aspire to achieve, receive, earn, but with all things, we need a game plan for this manifestation:

1. Pray

One of my recurring goals has been to use prayer as my first line of defense, but this stands true in new adventures as well. In taking a leap into anything new toward your purpose, prayer is the first step. Having the faith in the Father to believe in yourself and the gifts that He has bestowed in you is imperative, and as one of my favs Marshawn Evans says, "God blesses moving targets, not sitting ducks". So for this to work in your favor, you have work to do, but include God in your plans and consult with Him in the beginning stages as well as along the way. God wouldn't have given you the vision if He did not believe you could carry it out.

2. List What You Want to Do

With vision boards, goal setting, and any declaration of what you want in life, you have to go in with intention. Don’t allow the pretty pictures to get in your head and say “oh I want that” as soon as you see it, but have an idea of what you want and allow the photos to inspire you further. You can’t go through this lifetime and say “I just want a good job and to be happy”, and cut photos simply because it was cute or whateva. Identify what makes a job good, what does happiness look like to you? Where would you like to see yourself that is aligned with what you want to accomplish? Specifically, what do you want to do?

3. Identify What Needs to be Done

You all know, my entire brand is about living in abundance and making it a priority to #treatyoself. Although life is supposed to be lived abundantly, but you can't get through life just living for the sake of it and treating yourself in all things, you have to discipline yourself and recognize that the people you admire had a journey to get where they are. There were sacrifices that needed to be made, whether financially, relationally, time-wise, etc. How do you plan to get where you want to go if you are not pairing your steps with your purpose? Move with tenacity and efficiency, time waits for no one, but what you plan to do with that time is what matters. Make it count! Develop a plan, steps, an order of what needs to be done and how you expect to make it happen. Identify any challenges you may see and how you plan to cope with them. Inconsistency in posting? Get on a schedule. Not so strong in taking photos yourself? Establish a budget for a photographer (I know a great one if you're in DE). Establish what needs to be done. Then do the work!

4. Be Prepared to Work

Once you put it into the atmosphere that you want to accomplish something, of course you’ll have challenges to come in the way of that, but just as you get prepared for those hinderances, you have to be ready to do the work to obtain what you desire. You can’t just wish something to appear, action has to be made toward obtaining it. Manifesting is not a magic trick, it’s about your effort in going for what you believe in and working for what you want. Happiness to some may be traveling whenever they please because they have the ability to work remote, or have the savings in the bank to travel without limits, how do you plan to have these luxuries? I believe in all things, if you put the effort forth it will not go unnoticed, unrewarded, or unfulfilled. I also recognize that I can’t just have the faith alone that it will happen. “Faith without works is dead...” James 2:17 , so I, and we, have work to do.

My team of girlfriends couldn’t have been more prepared to execute ; they came like an army ready to fight against war of distractions, self doubt, and limitations. Each of them prepared with magazines, scrapbooking paper, markers, tape, glue, optimism, you name it! We spoke life into each of our visions and as true content queens, we worked to show our visions to the best of our ability as much as we could before reaching the end of the pile of magazines (and the bottom of the bottle of Jam Jar). We were busy!

I took an approach of flipping through the pages and pulling any and everything that inspired me and aligned with my goals that I've established beforehand, by simply ripping the entire page. That bikini pic on her looks like a body goal and I want short hair and abs this year? Rippp ! That font on that Table of Contents thicc like I like it and classy like my Bourgeois brand? Ripppp ! I made a healthy pile of clippings and would continue to identify the areas I wanted to focus on from my list. Once I felt like I had “it” for the sections I wanted to cover, I moved into cutting. From there, I began to place the different pieces on my board to see how the layout would work. I’m super particular (so this was truly a challenge for me), and I had already decided I would let go and let it rock but my need for planning and structure trumped that (maybe a rose goal I can work on in my #2020vision). But it worked out in my favor, because I started noticing groups of areas I wanted to feature, and opted to keep like items grouped on the board. I used a small piece of tape to group like items (so they wouldn't keep shifting, especially when there's a wine pairing with this planning), and was able to adjust where I saw fit. From the Self Made Woman section, to the Bourgeois Hostess, to the realization of my Queendom, I worked section by section to tell the full story of what all I would manifest.

Of course I had to include some of my famous faves to inspire the Queen in me; Teyana Taylor (if you caught my story the other day *see Rosé highlights on Insta or the article for our time at Happy Place in KOP* you’d see I listed her as one of my role models), Tracee Ellis Ross , and Queen B herself, Beyonce.

I found and included Michelle Obama’s article of “Still Becoming” which was an awesome read in addition to her book "Becoming". The most complete woman is still working and putting forth the effort in improving herself, I still have a way to go, and I am going to cheers to taking my time to build my character, my patience, my strength, and of course my brand. If Michelle is still becoming, I definitely still have time.

Some of my influencer faves made an appearance as well, including Jackie Aina and Dayna Bolden - the craziest thing is that I have wanted to see ALL of them in their elements. I remember when each of them released their upcoming features and being so proud of them and the work they've put in to get recognized in these platforms. I thought I missed it, couldn’t get the issue, and to think I had all of them all along from a lucky day passing a pile of magazines in my lobby available for the taking. Funny enough I wasn’t even going to look at the GQ mags but the ONE of many I picked up, I happened to see the exact article featuring another one of my favorite content creators, Devan on Deck. God is good. What else have I had this entire time and hadn’t known? 👀

I, like my other girlfriends from the #2020visionboardbrunch , had a huge section missing from my board, and I couldn’t quite place what it needed. Should I expand on fitness? Add something for my family’s success? More about my brand? I came across a “Letter from the Editor” in my fervent search for content in flipping through the magazines and it hit me ; I needed a letter from AlexisPJordan to AlexisPJordan. I had already cut the card for the centerpiece, this was the perfect conclusion, and what better way to hold myself accountable than to let my future self know that I believe in me, I am proud of me, and I love me. I’m counting on me to accomplish anything and everything I could want to manifest.

Just the week prior, our pastor preached a word that mentioned how you have no idea how important you are to Jesus, you may be the only one in your family He could get to to carry forth the vision, if He can do it for you, they’ll see He can do it for them. This works with friends, coworkers, naysayers, all’um. If He could do it for my girl , for my man , for that , why wouldn’t He do it for me? We've got this!

Truthfully the Bourgeois in me wants to glue it all down to get rid of the tape, but with this being my first, I’m proud , and honestly y’all, I wouldn’t change a thing 😭 as my father would say, “There is always room for improvement”, and I love the rawness here. I’ll improve, intentionally, in 2020...

If you are preparing for your #2020vision and creating a board, tag me on Insta @alexispjordan, I'd love to see what you're bringing to life in the new year!

Happy Manifesting! 🌷🍁

***. Of course you have to feed your vision:

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