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Rosé Three Ways with the Bedroom Bartender - Three Tasty Rosé Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy This Season

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

These were all so good, I had a hard time picking my favorite!

I don’t often require a reason to drink, but as beautiful as the weather has been and to celebrate the holiday weekend, why not go above and beyond with some #extra ways to enjoy the summer! I’ve paired up with the Bedroom Bartender extraordinaire, Gina, who has crafted three incredible rosé cocktails to enjoy whether by the pool, at the cookout, or anytime.

These were simple to make, and worth the time and effort to do, every one of these were carefully crafted and tastefully done. These were all amazing and I would absolutely recommend each one to try for yourself.


1 bottle La Belle Etoile Rosé (or your favorite rosé, still only, full body works best)

1/2 cup fresh blackberries

1/2 cup agave

1/2 cup water

1 cup ice

Pour rosé into a pan or tupperware container and freeze for a minimum of 6 hours. Combine agave and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cut blackberries in half while waiting, then add to the boiling mixture. Stir and maintain heat for 3 minutes, set aside to cool (30 minutes). Strain blackberries and pulp from the simple syrup and store the syrup in the fridge. Scrape frozen rosé into a blender, add syrup, ice and blend til thick and smooth. Place blender or frosé in the freezer for 25 minutes to thicken. Now you’re ready to enjoy!

This drink sneaks up on youuu! Wow! This was so smooth and tasty, it was sweet but subtle, perfect for any day but especially those hot, sunny days by the pool.

Rosé Gold

1 oz silver tequila

1/2 oz ginger simple syrup

1 oz ruby red grapefruit juice

Sparkling rosé

1 grapefruit section, frozen

Place your frozen section of grapefruit in the glass first to ensure a chilled cocktail without watering it down. Pour tequila over it, followed by the ginger simple syrup, then grapefruit juice. Top off with sparkling rosé to fill the glass.

Tequila with bubbly? Y E S ! This was tart but sweet, the taste was smooth and classy, next thing I knew the whole thing was gone!

Tequila Sunset

1.5 oz silver tequila

1 oz still rosé

Agave - to taste

2-3oz ruby red grapefruit juice

2 grapefruit sections (frozen)

In a shaker combine all liquid ingredients with ice. Shake to mix and chill. Place frozen grapefruit in the glass before pouring the mixture from the shaker over them and into the glass.

This one may have been my fav omg! This drink made me feel like such an adult omg! I don’t even care for gin but wowowow this paired with the grapefruit did a thing for me!

This was such a fun time, and the drinks were simple yet incredible! Thank you Gina for bringing your expertise with the Bedroom Bartender (@the_bedroom_bartender on Insta) and curating an incredible drink menu for this rosé season!

If you haven’t followed her yet, I would HIGHLY recommend it! She creates incredible and unique cocktails that can be crafted at home, and from the samples I got to taste, she is skilled!

What would be your go-to recipe? Head over to my Insta (@alexispjordan) and let me know in the comments!


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